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Its packed full of great features too that make your training session more fun and beneficial. ) But more specifically, we’re athletes who are driven by science and innovation.We guarantee that you’ll see instant improvement from just using the app and the training advice on the App and website. We began our journey with a simple quest: to bring meaningful data to sports.Craig Buntin — previously joined with Meagan Duhamel after earlier parting company with Valerie Marcoux — has likewise departed the scene. But no great hardship there since the 24-year-old had pretty much decided to hang ’em up at the conclusion of last season, after failing to qualify for the Games, the second slot behind national champions Jessica Dube and Bryce Davison going to Langlois and Hay.And the title-holders aren’t here for Skate Canada because Davison suffered a knee injury whilst practising a jump last week. But Duhamel had a change of heart over the summer, electing to replace the boy part of her pairs tandem rather than skating off into the sunset with too many goals un-met.

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The first two were Melinda Kunhegyi and Lyndon Johnston, who won the junior event at the 1981 Canadian Championships and went on to represent Canada at the 1984 Sarajevo Olympics.

Since then, Neil Paterson, Karyn and Rod Garossino, Michael Farrington, Patrice Archetto, Emanuel Sandhu, Vanessa Crone, Paul Poirier and Mitch Islam have all proved that winning a medal in the novice and junior ranks in this city can be absolutely be a precursor of Olympic greatness to come.

That soon expanded into a broader mission of helping athletes improve their performance, boost their confidence and reach their maximum potential. That’s why, at Zepp, we are committed to developing the advanced 3D visuals, actionable insights and interactive training tools needed to truly transform your game.

Welcome to the future of wearable sports technology.

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