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There’s an eye-popping scene in the new film “Landline” when our heroine is walking around New York City and decides to check her phone messages.So get this: She walks over to some weird curb-side contraption, puts in a quarter and lifts a black plastic receiver to her ear.

She debates whether to tell her mother Pat (Edie Falco) and older sister Dana (Jenny Slate), who is contemplating cheating on her fiance Ben (Jay Duplass).

Technology back then may have been slow and adorably primitive but “Landline “ proves personal relationships were just as messy and complicated.

The film might be set in 1995 but the issues it raises are always current — how hard it is to keep families together, holding onto love, forgiveness and sisterhood.

“We wanted to turn the divorce story on its a**,” co-writer Elisabeth Holm told WTOP.

Both Holm and Robespierre say they pulled from personal experience.

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