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Now that I am a bit older I wish I had taken the wise woman’s advice…a broken man can lead to a woman’s broken heart.

Many of the broken men have been beaten down by their ex wives or girlfriends.

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From my own experience with internet dating, and the thoughts of others, I have decided that there are many “Broken People” out there.I felt exposed as if they could see me through the computer screen.Then, another email, what was this world coming to, someone actually wanted to date me? My first email experience was with a man that lived in a different state, but within a two hours drive, so I thought this is still a good prospect. How was I ever going to met him, if he didn’t even want to talk to me on the phone? I said to him “this is just kind of weird, he responded with a hostile email, saying “he didn’t want to have phone sex, go call someone else” WHAT, who said anything about phone sex? Oh, but I was learning very fast, there is a whole world out there that I knew nothing about, go figure. I was under the impression that sex was a two person sport preferably in the same room at the same time.I guess I should tell you that she is marrying the first and only guy she met on an Internet dating site, go figure, so, I have proof-Internet dating can connect you to your soul-mate.The first email I received, I wanted to run and hide.

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